The saying goes, “Every company is a media company.” We consider the publication (i.e., blog, journal, etc.) to be the driving force of this adage. The form and spirit that made people fall in love with print magazines can also serve as a vehicle for your company to communicate its ideas.

Our strengths are in longform writing, service journalism, and investigative journalism. We believe in finding, and telling, stories that take hold of readers’ minds and hearts. We are also interested in documenting your team’s thinking and culture, recording them in writing for posterity, and broadening their reach through publishing.

In addition to the publications themselves, our studio works with companies to build the infrastructure required to operate them. That means maintaining editorial calendars, driving circulation and organic distribution, and building in-house editorial and writing capabilities so companies can maintain these publications autonomously.

Resource Centers

In addition to your technology, your community requires resources — often in the form of practical, insightful, actionable advice — to guide them to excel at their work. Resources support customers and community members with the less visible and tangible parts of their work.

These guides can be organized and published at a resource center. Like all libraries throughout history, these resources set previously siloed knowledge free for everyone to access and learn from. It’s a place where people find references, guides, and inspiration to improve their craft, or to get through the difficult parts.

Your technology empowers your readers to do a job. Whether it’s getting started on the right foot with organization and taxonomy, or maintenance through archives, we can make sure your readers find the right information at the right time.

Technical Manuals

The power of new technology takes time to sink in. Even the simplest technologies need instructions and guides. Chances are, the more powerful it is, the more its users need to learn. That’s why Kodak published books, like “How to Make Good Pictures.” How do you show people the power of the camera, when they’d never seen a photograph before?

We believe technical manuals bear a close resemblance to recipes. As such, we use a toolkit of similes and metaphors, cultural references, parables, anecdotes, facts, statistics, and observations to show your customers and readers how your product works and what they can do with it.

Our studio can break the curse of knowledge, and relate more closely with your customers and other readers. We create technical manuals to instruct customers, and illustrate the possibilities for readers who don’t know what they can do with your product.


We've created publications, resource centers, and technical manuals with  software companies at all stages, each with a unique product, challenge, and audience.