Content marketing and religion

More and more, companies are looking more like religions. Editorial director Herbert Lui covers how Kanye West has turned his beliefs into a business empire worth over $5 billion.

Becky Kane: Every employee is a writer

Doist's Lead Editor says remote workers are writing all the time, but companies don't always value good writing.

Jodi Harris: Content marketing can create a cache of trust

The Content Marketing Institute editor says you need to focus on providing value and service to the people you're speaking with.

Karla Olson: We measure community impact before book sales

The Director of Patagonia Books pays close attention to the dialogue that's created or the community that gathers around a book.

Margarita Noriega: I use 'the Love Metric' to share content success

The founding editor of Glimmer uses other people's feedback to show Glitch employees how people are responding to their work.

Asha Indralingam: We aim for 30% of our content to be 'weird and European'

Framer looks to balance product and industry content with experimental, off-the-wall topics that its audience is interested in.


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