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Wonder Shuttle came on board when we were just beginning our content strategy and, from the beginning, was instrumental in shaping our approach to content marketing. Through our work together, we were able to assess the topics and conversations our brand partners care most about, and we came away with a pipeline of Gen Z-focused content we're really proud of. Wonder Shuttle's collaborative approach to developing topics and headlines gave us a chance to weigh ideas against the needs of our B2B audience. As a result, our content answers some of the most pressing questions senior marketers are asking.

amy wood

Creative Lead, Wattpad

Educating prospective customers can be tricky, especially with intangible products on the Internet. Fortunately, Wonder Shuttle’s team specializes at describing these tools and the accompanying new mindsets required to succeed with them. Whether you’re a marketing team looking to expand into content, or already have a well-oiled content marketing machine, Wonder Shuttle is a great partner to ensure your team sees results with content.

Nichole Y. Wong

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Twilio

“Even though we had worked with freelancers for our blog before, we really started seeing drastic results after working with Wonder Shuttle. They worked well autonomously with little coordination, often in parallel with our team. With their strategic counsel, creative input, and editorial expertise, we saw over a 10x increase in organic traffic to the PageCloud blog — and have a tried-and-true playbook to build our brand and audience through content.”

Henry Brown

Customer Acquisition ‎Manager, PageCloud

Wonder Shuttle doubled our mailing list, and got our brand almost a million impressions of earned media, and helped us launch a few new products successfully. Whether we were in the office together or working virtually, Wonder Shuttle was reliable and consistently delivered high quality work.

A large part of Wonder Shuttle’s expertise comes from their passion for storytelling and their own experiments; they have consistently found new methods of spreading our story and executing their plans excellently. I would highly recommend their work and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Robleh Jama

Product Lead, Shopify
CEO, Tiny Hearts (Acquired)

our approach

In a world saturated with "content," our studio believes in the power of publishing meaningful work. Whether it's through a publication that brings your community together, a resource center that supports your readers, or a technical manual to serve your customers, we believe in the difference between paying for an impression, and truly making one.


We take time and immense focus to understand your product, the people you’re talking to, and your marketing problems. We talk to your team, customers, and prospects. We conduct our own in-field qualitative and quantitative research. With these insights in mind, we run a sprint to turn initial editorial ideas into drafts and final articles as quickly as possible.


Based on the results of that editorial sprint, we firm up direction for our production. We set the creative direction of the project and work with your team to communicate it across the organization. We crowdsource ideas from your team and organize them into an calendar. Driven by analytics and creativity, we test and iterate on our editorial strategy.


While continuing to operate your company’s editorial project, our studio documents your company’s voice and tone. Together with you, we source, hire, and train an in-house editor on your behalf, and build a freelance writing team around them. Once that team’s performance is up to par, we step away from the operational capacity and into an editorial counseling role.

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We've created publications, resource centers, and technical manuals with  software companies at all stages, each with a unique product, challenge, and audience.