Shopify is a publicly-traded company (NYSE:SHOP, TSX:SHOP) that has hired thousands of engineers, designers, and product managers.

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Shopify's engineering, design, and AR/VR teams had already started and operated blogs to support their recruiting efforts through lead generation, branding, and leading thinking. In search of writing and creative guidance to launch its own blog, Shopify's product team approached Wonder Shuttle to work as a collaborator. The Wonder Shuttle team worked as facilitators, coaches, editors, interviewers, and co-writers with the product team to turn their expertise and project experiences into stories that they could tell the rest of the technology community.


Within just 30 days of the publication's soft launch, over 20,000 people read the new Shopify product blog, spending in aggregate 31,144 minutes (nearly 520 hours) worth of time learning more about how Shopify's product team works.

Support through the creative process

Wonder Shuttle developed the editorial process (ideation, intake, writing, editing, stakeholder approvals, publishing, promotion) and introduced technology solutions to manage the process for the Shopify product team. Wonder Shuttle also worked closely with members of the Shopify product team who were interested in publishing blog posts—either to coach them through their idea during a 60-minute interview, to edit posts they wrote but were uncertain of publishing, or to develop the idea during a 60-minute interview and co-write the piece on their behalf. 

Participate in the external community

Wonder Shuttle conducted heuristic research into existing conversations within the product, design, and development communities. These research insights drove the editorial process in prioritizing posts, and in seeking out new ideas. With input from Shopify, the Wonder Shuttle team also applied research insights to develop a plan to get readers for the blog. To provide a tactical example, Wonder Shuttle submitted the blog’s posts to relevant communities like Designer News,, and Product Habits. Based on this initial push, leading thinkers in the industry went on to share the posts. Through this understanding and communication, Wonder Shuttle gathered the first people that would become the audience for the Shopify product blog.


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